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I wanna get a "recon" haircut:

That picture reminds me of Daryl for some reason.

It's so military/cyberpunk/steel mill worker.

My dad got a free Behringer powered monitor from work. And a free Behringer stereo 2-way / 3-way / mono 4-way crossover. And a free Behringer 10 channel mixer.

Been working a lot. I feel fairly disconnected from everyone.

Still a bit nervous about the show but excited also. I plan on using the new monitor and stepping on it like a rockstar.

Anyone know where we might "aquire" some oil drums for live percussion?

Also, anyone wanna put together half an hour of cool war and industrial and random black and white clips for our backing video?

Hydraulic Empire - Pegasus

1:15 a.m. - 2005-03-09


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